August 2013

portable generator

Top 5 Uses For A Portable Generator

Powerful, convenient, easy to store, quick and easy to move, affordable; the many features of Portable Generators make them suitable for a whole range of uses in homes and businesses around Australia. Here, we countdown the top 5 uses for portable generator. 5. Emergency Power Blackouts needn't lead to spoiled food and walking around by the light of a torch. You can use a portable generator to power essential small … Read More

Top Tips For Generator Safety

Generators are powerful beasts. That’s why it’s important that you take the right steps to ensure the safe operation of your Generator and avoid any potentially dangerous situations. The experts at My Generator have put together our top tips for using a generator safely: 1.       Always read the instructions As simple as it sounds, reading the instructions is one of the most important steps to generator safety. Every Generator model … Read More