October 2013

You know those ideas you just wish you’d thought of first? Soccket is one of them. And it’s about to hit the shops for the first time. The brainchild of four-year-old New York startup Uncharted Play, Soccket is a soccer ball embedded with a pendulum-like mechanism that generates energy when it moves. It then converts the raw energy into an onboard port that supplies power to a small LED or … Read More

If there’s one thing the GFC taught us, it’s how to make our family budget go further. There’s nothing like a free family holiday. Getting out into our own backyard and exploring the great Australian outback is a great option for a family holiday. Of course, the best thing about going camping is that you can do it for free, or almost for free. By choosing free camping sites in … Read More

The diesel engine has long been the number one choice for power, reliability and high fuel economy worldwide. However, as petroleum becomes ever more expensive, the challenge has been to find a sustainable way to continue running these engines without relying on diminishing petrol supplies. Enter biodiesel. Created from vegetable oils, biodiesel is intended to be used as a replacement for petroleum diesel fuel. But contrary to popular belief, biodiesel … Read More

The sale of Generators as Back-Up Power sources is on the rise around the world, thanks to unstable power supplies and unpredictable weather. After tropical storms, cyclones and hurricanes hit, people are realising they need to act. While people may be spared their homes and business, the resulting power cuts can cause disruption for weeks after the disaster. Throwing out food, living by torchlight and trying to find ways to … Read More