January 2014

generator during storm

Generator during storm : Portable generators can be a lifesaver during a storm. By powering appliances and mobile devices, your portable generator can help keep you safe, warm, fed and connected with the outside world. But it’s critical you take the proper precautions while using your generator to help avoid dangerous situations. After all, the last thing you want is to make an emergency situation even worse. Here are our … Read More

Behind every great outdoor event is power generator technology. Generators have long been the power option of choice for market stalls, festivals, and school fetes. Now their popularity has reached an all-time high thanks to the growing trends of pop-up bars and food vans. In fact, portable electric generators provide power to almost all events and festivals in Australia today. But with so many generators to choose from, how to … Read More

Looking for Honda Generators Melbourne? Here’s our handy guide to choosing the right Honda powered generator for your needs and budget. With well over four million people, Melbourne is home to thousands of generators powering up everything from food vans and festivals right through to heavy industry. Melbourne has such a diverse range of people requiring portable power for different applications (Probably something to do with being one of the … Read More

Best Generator Brands

Thinking of buying a new generator? Maybe you’re finally going on that caravan trip you’ve been planning for the past 12 months. Perhaps you’re investing in a new generator as back-up to your solar system. Or maybe this is the year you’re finally getting your home extension built and you need a generator to see you through. Whatever the reason, before you purchase a new generator, it pays to know … Read More

Have you noticed how there’s news of a cyclone or storm emergency every couple of months? It seems neither Australia – nor other countries in the world – can get a break from the fury of gales, rains and fires. And it shows no signs of abating. Try as we might, we cannot control the weather. But we can plan ahead for weather emergencies and reduce the risk to our … Read More

Temperatures are rising and the cooler wetter winter days are a distant memory. While for many of us this means trips to the beach and barbecues with mates; for others it has other more serious implications. Bushfires. In many parts of Australia, bushfires go hand-in-hand with the summer months. Yet every year we are seeing more formidable and devastating bushfires hit, and in places they have never struck before. Despite … Read More

Fix A Portable Generator

How To Fix A Portable Generator

Ever tried to start up your portable generator only to be greeted by the sound of silence? Here's How to Fix A Portable Generator. Don’t panic. There are a number of quick steps you can run through before you dig out the receipt and call the professionals. 1.      Check the Fuel We know; it’s like being told to check that the kettle is plugged in. But one of the most … Read More