February 2014

Get the lowdown on Solar Power Generators

Clean, quiet, portable power: it’s the Holy Grail for anyone using generators. Which is why it’s no surprise that many people are looking to solar power generators as a smart, silent, safe, and clean alternative for their power needs. But is it all as wonderful as it seems? Here we give you the lowdown on solar power generators: How do Solar Power Generators work? Solar generators use renewable energy. No … Read More

Reliability, high performance, and support; these are the three driving factors for choosing a power generator if you’re in the hire, construction or mining industries. You need to know the generator will provide power for as long as you need it. You need a guarantee that the design is robust and will withstand extreme conditions. And you need to be sure that, should something go wrong, you can get the … Read More


Power outages are becoming more and more common in cities and towns across Australia. And while storms are at fault most the time, we can’t always blame the weather. In August last year, a major power outage caused chaos across Sydney’s suburbs as a result of something going wrong in a large substation where a technician was working. Just weeks later over in Melbourne, more than 100,000 homes were without … Read More

cheap generator

If you’re in the market for a Honda generator, the chances are you’ve been eyeing up the Honda eu20i or Honda eu2000i generator. For good reason, too; after all, these generators are highly regarded as two of the best quality generators in the Australian market. The problem is, you may also have noticed the price...it’s a lot to pay out for a generator. Even if the generator is considered to … Read More

Diesel generators are some of the most cost-effective, fuel-efficient and quiet units you can buy. And nowhere is this more important than in Perth and Western Australia. When it comes to Diesel Generators Perth customers are in the right place to enjoy the huge benefits. They not only have the opportunity to use diesel generators across a huge variety of applications – domestic backup, outdoor events etc. – but they … Read More

Looking for the best diesel generator for mining, hire, construction site or building backup? Here at MyGenerator, we’ve found not just one but five powerhouses that have you covered. Whether it's a tough worksite environment or important home/business power reserve, you need a reliable and durable generator. Brought to market by the biggest and best names in the generator world – Crommelins, Powerlite, Gentech, Himoinsa and Pramac – these 8kVA diesel generators have … Read More

Yamaha Generators Australia

When it comes to generators, Yamaha is up there with the best names in the industry. It is continuously raising the bar to provide bigger and better benefits to Yamaha generator users worldwide. With a myriad of Yamaha generators on the Australia market, how do you choose the best one for your power needs? At MyGenerator.com.au, we’ve put together a quick buyer’s guide to Yamaha Generators Australia: Yamaha Inverter Generators Safe, … Read More

portable generators brisbane

Storms, camping, events, construction…there’s a myriad of reasons people purchase portable generators brisbane. And in Australia, nowhere are the reasons more diverse than in Brisbane. In fact, they are probably as varied as the different types of portable generators on the market. Here are the top 5 reasons to buy a Portable Generator in Brisbane: 1. Prepare for extreme weather In Brisbane, power outages are increasingly a fact of life. … Read More

Best Generators for Food Vans revealed

There was a time the only food truck to jingle its way round town was Mr Whippy. Now the kids who used to run out into the streets screaming for soft serves in a cone are all grown up and now they’re chasing a new breed of food truck. From tacos to gumbo, curry to burgers, food trucks are serving up a whole menu of appetising and (sometimes) gourmet goodies. It’s … Read More

Diesel generator

Diesel generators are fast becoming the number one choice for portable power generation in Australia. But do you know what to look for when you see diesel generators for sale? Why Diesel Generators? First, let’s take a look at precisely why diesel generators are growing in popularity. Essentially, it comes down to the benefits of diesel as a fuel. Diesel produces much more power than petrol, costs less to operate … Read More