March 2014

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Honda generator prices getting you down? Before you start selling the contents of your garage to raise some extra cash, check out our list of top of the range generators to suit every budget. When it comes to Honda generators prices are often much higher than their ‘no name’ equivalents. So are you just paying more for the name? Or is a Honda generator a guarantee of quality that other … Read More

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Have you ever considered what it would be like to live off-grid? Simply using power from alternative energy sources such as solar, wind or hydro? Imagine the sheer joy when the post arrives, knowing it won’t be a seriously over-inflated electricity bill. This is the reality for many people. Maybe their home is simply too far out to be connected to the grid, or maybe it’s a personal choice for … Read More

Honda Generators

Looking for the best Honda Generators Australia has to offer? Before you commit to a generator powered by Honda, it might pay to check out some of the other generators out there. There’s no doubt that Honda Generators are up there with some of the best generator technology on the market. They offer exceptional reliability and fuel efficiency, whether you’re a camper or a contractor, a builder/tradesman, farmer or homeowner. … Read More

Yamaha Inverter Generator

There was a time that if you put the words “Yamaha” and “Power” in the same sentence, you could only be talking about the roaring power behind the latest Yamaha motorcycle. After all, Yamaha has been a leading name in motorcycles since the very first 125cc YA-1 Motorcycle was made and sold in Japan in 1955. Today Yamaha is a big name in another power industry: generators. Yamaha first started producing … Read More

cheap generator

How to choose the Best Cheap Generator

Looking for a cheap generator for camping? Maybe you need portable back-up power around the house but don’t want to spend a fortune. There was a time when buying a cheap generator meant you couldn’t expect it to last beyond the shop door. We have some good news for you – those days are long gone. Today generators don’t have to be expensive to be fit for certain tasks. Just … Read More

Ever experienced a flood? Let us tell you, it’s not something you want to deal with every day. The problem is, floods are becoming more and more destructive in Australia. In the Queensland floods of January 2013 alone, the Red Cross estimated that more than 7,500 people were affected and 3,000 homes were flooded (Red Cross).  Whether torrential rain is coming your way or the water has started receding, you … Read More

Thirty degrees and sunny. Thirty degrees and sunny. Thirty degrees and sunny. With a weather forecast that rarely veers from sunshine and blue skies, it’s little wonder that Perth-siders love the great outdoors. In fact Perth residents are some of the most active in the whole of Australia. They merrily skip off to Bremer Bay or Rottnest Island for a long weekend, hardly aware of the kilometres ticking over as … Read More

Generators for Sale

You know the amount of power you need. You’ve decided on diesel or petrol. You even have an idea of which brand you’re after. But when faced with generators for sale, there are still some questions left unanswered. Here we answer the questions you never thought to ask about generators for sale: 1. What type of oil does a generator take? For most generators you can simply use 10W-30, 15W-40 … Read More