July 2015

trash pump for sale

How to choose a trash pump for sale

Need to remove water with debris, mud and sand? Here’s our quick guide to choosing the right trash pump for sale. Most general water pumps are designed to pump clear water, so when debris and other solids are added into the mix, things can quickly go wrong. The answer is a trash pump. Trash pumps can move water that contains solids (twigs, leaves, pebbles) and other elements like sand, sludge … Read More

Water Pumps

Buyer’s Guide to Water Pumps

Need to buy a water pump? Check out our buyer’s guide to Water Pumps first. Water pumps, transfer pumps, trash pumps, fire-fighting pumps…the world of water pumps isn’t as easy it might first appear. So why are there so many water pumps to choose from? The fact is there are many different situations in which you might need to pump water, and each one comes with various challenges. Whether you’re … Read More