Best Portable Fridge Freezer Brands

Best Portable Fridge Freezer Brands
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Wherever you’re exploring this summer, you need to know there’s a portable fridge freezer keeping your food and bevvies cool for the whole trip. If you’re planning to buy a portable fridge freezer, we’ve got the inside word on the best portable fridge freezer brands around.

Portable Fridge Freezer : WAECO

Waeco knows how to build portable fridge freezer that tick all the boxes. You need a built-in USB charging point? Tick. Need drop down handles for more space in your vehicle? Tick. Abilty to remote monitor? Tick. Waeco has the most advanced technology, the best performing, and the best range of portable fridge freezers on the market. And we shouldn’t expect anything less from a brand that’s been in the portable fridge freezer game for decades.

The Waeco compressor is hard to beat and the company’s electronics mean you benefit from a soft start and turbo cooler in one unit. With a CFX, you know you are getting the latest and greatest – they are constantly innovating to stay ahead of the curve: for example, the CFX-95DZ2 model has WiFi enabled capability so you can monitor and control your fridge from your smart phone!

Portable fridge freezer CFX-95DZ2

CFX-95DZ2 model has WiFi enabled capability so you can monitor and control your fridge from your smart phone!

Portable Fridge Freezer : ENGEL

Engel has been making portable fridge freezers since dinosaurs were taking road trips. Okay, that might be an exaggeration but they have been around since the sixties. Engel is a hugely popular brand for the Aussie bush because, to be frank, they never die. Built tough, the portable fridge freezers are ideal for heavy-duty outdoor adventures – fishing, 4WD touring, caravanning…you name it. Plus, Engel’s latest range, the tri-voltage “F” series, not only has the advantage of 12 volt, 24 volt and 240 volt operation but can work from a generator or solar panel through a battery.

Portable fridge freezer MT60-combi-s

The Engel MT60 Combi is a large and powerful dual voltage combination fridge and freezer, with two separate compartments – one freezer and one refrigerator

Engel’s most famous fridge models have a rugged steel construction and all units incorporate their famous Sawafuji Swing Motor (which only has one moving part, hence their longevity!).

Portable Fridge Freezer : CAMEC

Camec isn’t the first brand that comes to mind for portable fridge freezers, but the brand offers a growing range of high performance units for caravans and camping. The great thing about Camec is that they offer similar trimmings to the premium brands but at a slightly lower price. Voltage protection, a turbo function for faster cooling at start up, internal lights and energy efficiency – Camec knows what you need for Aussie adventures, climates and harsh conditions. Choose from a wide range of sizes to meet your requirements, from a compact 33 litres up to 80 litres. Plus, Camec portable fridge freezers come with a 2-year warranty as standard – all this at a price you can afford.

Portable fridge freezer 041871-1

Operable on 12/24V or 240V mains power, it features voltage protection, a turbo function for faster cooling at start up includes a basket and an internal light

Portable Fridge Freezer: Evakool

The Evakool Portable range includes both polyurethane and fiberglass models. Whilst the fibreglass models may be a little pricier than their poly counterparts, they are:
– extremely Heat resistant and have excellent cooling performance
– Will not absorb food tastes or odours, so very popular for fishing etc.

Australian made, heat resistant fibreglass construction. Silent, reliable, and efficient.


There are plenty of other portable fridge freezer brands on the market for your next camping trip. Other quality brands that come to light are: National Luna, Dobinsons, Bushman, Ironman. One thing these brands have in common is that they all use a Danfoss (now Secop) Compressor. The Secop compressor was once used by Waeco (and still are in their older CF Fridge range), but Waeco now use their own Waeco Compressor for the leading CFX range, which is designed with the Australian conditions in mind. The Secop compressor is considered the universal/common portable fridge compressor.


Waeco and Engel are the premium brands for portable fridges. Waeco has the CFX range and Engel has their Platinum series – these two ranges of fridges are generally considered the leading portable camping fridges in the market…its a bit of a classic Ford vs Holden debate situation. Both ranges have:

  • Battery protection
  • 12/24volt and /240volt operation capability
  • Comprehensive warranties with national service support
  • Premium grade compressors designed with the Australian environment in mind
  • Digital control and display
  • Impressively efficient power consumption

You really can’t go wrong with either…however a couple of differences to help you make your decision:

The Engel Platinum series of fridges have a steel cabinet, steel lid and steel handles…some people prefer the steel exterior (particularly farmers) as opposed to the rotomounted material used by Waeco. However, the steel material typically makes the fridge slightly heavier when comparing models on a like for like size basis.

The Waeco CFX range have a couple of small extras worth noting, including; USB charging outlets, drop down handles, drainage plug and ability to remote monitor.

If you’re still in two mind between the two brands, then perhaps look at the pricing and see which model is cheaper in the size you need.

Ready to browse for a quality portable fridge freezer for your next Adventure? Check out our range online HERE.

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