Ryobi Generator Review: Are they worth it?

Ryobi Generator Review: Are they worth it?
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Ryobi is a big name in power tools, so how do Ryobi generators compare to the rest? We put them to the test. See our Ryobi generator review.

A well known manufacturer the world over, Ryobi should have a generator range right up there with the best of the generator brands… Shouldn’t they? Let’s see how their generators compare and provide an expert Ryobi Generator Review:

The Contenders

The two Ryobi inverter generators in Australia are:

  • Ryobi 1000i: 1000-watt petrol inverter generator
  • Ryobi 2000i: 2000-watt petrol inverter generator

They are made in China and whilst Ryobi is a recognised brand, their generators are considered more of a ‘budget’ option.

Ryobi 1000w Inverter Generator

Ryobi 1000w Inverter Generator


Well, we didn’t get off to a good start. For one thing, the two popular inverter generators are only available at Bunnings. Now, we know these guys are good with their timber and paint, but the chances of coming across a Bunnings staff member who knows the ins and outs of generators is slim.


You get a two-year warranty with the Ryobi generators, while a premium brand like Yamaha gives you a solid 48 months warranty. A fellow budget option, Cromtechcomes with a one-year warranty.


According to the Ryobi Generator Review, this surprised us because Ryobi states that their automatic idle feature “reduces emitted noise”. But the second we fired them up it was clear that Ryobi generators are far too noisy for their size. Both the 1000-watt and 2000-watt Ryobi models have an earth-shattering 67 – 72dBA noise level range. Compare that to 50 decibels for the Yamaha 1000w inverter generator or 52 decibels for the Yamaha 2000w inverter generator. As a comparable budget generator option, the Cromtech 2400w inverter generator has a noise rating of 52-59dbA. For the record, a change in 10 decibels is approximately double noise level difference!


Both Ryobi generators weigh in at 23 kilograms each. For the 2000w generator, the Ryobi only weighs a couple of kilograms more than its counterparts (though every kilogram counts you’re carrying a generator to and from your car). But the Ryobi 1000w generator weighs almost double the Yamaha EF1000iS. That’s right, double! In case you were wondering, the Yamaha weighs a mere 12.7 kilograms and is currently the lightest 1000W portable generator you can buy.

Overall Value for Money

All in all, the result isn’t great for Ryobi. The 1000-watt model has a pricetag of around $550 – $600 and the 2000-watt model will set you back around $899 (prices slightly fluctuate throughout the year). However, it’s difficult to know what you’re actually getting for your money. After all, they aren’t good enough to be considered premium generators like the Yamaha, nor cheap enough to be considered a good enough value proposition like the Cromtech.

If you are looking for a budget friendly option, then a Cromtech Outback 2400w model ticks more boxes; its lighter then the Ryobi 2000w model and it puts out more power. It retails for around $900 (again, prices fluctuate). Not to mention that Cromtech Generators are backed by a national service network – Crommelins Australia back up the Cromtech generators with over 500 service agents around the country.

So why do the Ryobi gensets have relatively high sales? We can only put it down to their exposure on Bunnings’ shelves. In fairness, we also also wanted to mention that the Ryobi 2000w model does have two small features which provide some appeal; In-built wheels and extendable handle to help move around, and parallel connecting cables to join two units together and almost double the power output (similar to the Yamaha EF2000iS Twin Tech feature for example). These are probably secondary considerations to the main factors such as weight, warranty, noise and fuel efficiency, but nice additions none the less.

Our Final Word

For most people requiring clean, quiet portable power, a generator in the Yamaha range will get your job done and will last for many years to come…so we recommend you pay more for a Yamaha over a Ryobi; the Yamaha will be lighter, quieter and more fuel efficient. You will also get the benefit of a 4 year warranty and service support network of over several hundred accredited service agents.

Alternatively, if you are on a particularly tight budget and only intend to use your generator infrequently (e.g. reserve power on the occasional camping trip or for standby power in case of home blackout) then perhaps consider a Cromtech Generator – it has more going for it. You may also check out our Ryobi Generator Review for more information.

Cromtech is backed by a national service network

Cromtech is backed by a national service network

Another budget brand inverter generator made in China which also has a national Service Agent backing is Supaswift. These Supaswift generators are backed by All Power Industries and supported by the All Power nationwide Service Dealer and Spare Parts Network.

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  • Ron Hayes July 26, 2016, 3:43 am

    Your comments say that the Ryobi RIG 1000 weighs 23 kilos however, I have just purchased a Ryobi 1000 and the specs quote the weight as 14.4 kg. It certainly is not 23kg. It starts first time hot or cold and does everthing it claims to do. It is a little noisier than a Yamaha or Honda but at $700 cheaper I can put up with that. At $599 from Bunnings stores Australia wide and a 2 year warranty its good value.

    • Lachlan July 26, 2016, 3:59 am

      Hi Ron, thanks for your input – we just double checked the Ryobi specs HERE for the 1000w generator model and it still states the weight is 23kg’s…hmm, if 14.4kg is correct, then the spec sheet from Bunnings/Ryobi could be wrong? Thanks again

  • Al September 7, 2016, 1:23 pm

    Hi Ron,

    Reading your column it is obvious that Yamaha makes a superior product to Ryobi, however you fail to mention it is more than double the price so quality obviously comes at a cost. Whilst Yamaha’s dealer network is extensive, you can also find a Bunnings store in most postcodes these days. The key value in the Ryobi warranty is that it is a no questions asked replacement warranty – meaning if it fails on a rainy Sunday you can swap it for a new one same day if you have a Bunnings nearby. I believe this kind of warranty is unrivaled, and while it isn’t 4 years I can imagine Yamaha would leave you with days or weeks of downtime should you require repair.

    • L Adams September 7, 2016, 11:36 pm

      Hi Al, thanks for your comments. We do state that “you will need to pay more for a premium brand like Yamaha” and we provide links to Yamaha prices so readers can compare real time pricing. Glad to hear you are happy with Ryobi, we just believe that there are better budget options available and we regularly have customers contact us wanting a new generator as their Ryobi has failed (both during and beyond warranty period). Thanks.

  • Bobby March 5, 2017, 10:53 pm

    Have a Ryobi 2000. Used it 5 times in 4 years. Never starts for me. Took it to a mechanic twice. Tired of it . Going to buy different kind. My opinion JUNK

  • Bill March 9, 2017, 10:44 am

    5 times in 4 years is the major part of the problem Bobby. Your lawnmower or car would also likely give problems starting if used so seldom.

  • Different Bill May 11, 2017, 7:26 pm

    I have a Ryobi RYi2200A with about 15 hours of running time. It has broken the connecting rod and damaged the piston. A relatively easy fix EXCEPT that the internal engine parts are not available for purchase. So,I guess it goes into the trash bin.

    Before you say “take it back for warranty” I can’t do that because fortunately (for me), it was given to me free by the previous owner. The outside condition looks like new. And the bearings show no signs of oil starvation. I am posting to inform others of the situation of engine parts not being available.

  • Jim June 2, 2017, 4:23 am

    I don’t know which Bunnings you
    speak of. But I paid $320 for my Ryobi 1100 at Bunnings Yeppoon CQ.
    So far working well and no more noisy than generators I’ve had before. At that price I can throw it away after the warranty expires. Great value in my book.

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